APDK Kenya

Our Goal | Challenge:

The Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK)  is a charitable organization whose overall goal is to improve the Quality of life of Persons with Disabilities in Kenya using the Rights Based Approach. APDK benefits over 500,000 children and Persons with  Abilities.

Our Vision:

An inclusive society where persons with different abilities are empowered.

Our Mission:

Strengthen rehabilitation services and mainstream disability for empowerment of persons with different abilities.


Promote an inclusive society where persons with different abilities have access affordable quality rehabilitation services and become self-reliant.


Empowering persons with different abilities.

Core Values

  •  Integrity
  • Inclusivity 
  • Professionalism
  • Customer Focus
  • Quality 
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Responsiveness 
  • Accountability 

What We Do:

APDK works closely with communities, the government and the development partners to empower Persons with Disabilities and their guardian to advocate for their rights while promoting access to quality rehabilitation and habilitation services through strengthening government hospitals’ physical rehabilitation services and Primary Health Care.

APDK through its 6 decades of existence walked through 4 model of approach to disability, having begun with the Charity Approach, Medical Approach, Social Approach and later in the year 2000 adopted the Rights Based Approach. Through the Rights Based Approach APDK seeks to promote;

  • Access to rehabilitative services as close as possible to persons with disabilities
  • Preventing disabilities through appropriate club foot care program and surgical interventions
  • Attainment of maximum independence through manufacturing, fabrication and provision of quality assistive and mobility aids such as appropriate wheelchairs, special seating, calipers, crutches, KAFO. 
  • Inclusive education through training the community on disability, environmental and socials barriers theer child hindren with different abilities from unleashing their maximum potential
  • Empower persons with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities through training them on entrepreneurship while offering some formal employment in our various programs and projects. 
  • Economic empowerment through provision of formal employment 

APDK through its network of 10 branches implements its services using the World Health Organization – Community Based Rehabilitation Matrix. APDK services include;

  • Health
  • Education
  • Livelihood
  • Social
  • Empowerment

Dr. Mohsin Jaffer and his wife Fauzia were both born and grew up in Mombasa. They emigrated to USA in the 80s and have made a very successful home there. They are blessed with 3 lovely children. About 3 years ago, they encouraged their 2 older children, Shalina and Ali to come do some volunteer work in Mombasa. Through Mrs. Shakila Mamujee’s recommendation, they spent about 2 weeks at the APDK (Association of the Physically Disabled of Kenya) Rehabilitation Clinic helping out in the community-based rehabilitation work with the disabled children. They were very moved by the work at the Clinic and the parents after hearing about their experience, decided to help the Clinic. They offered to help with $12,000. The Rotary Club of Mombasa suggested they do a Matching Grant with Dr. Jaffers Rotary Club of Weston, Florida. The grant was matched by the local and national rotary which swelled the donation to $50,000.


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