Mohsin & Fauzia Jaffer Foundation

Born in Africa, we grew up acutely aware of poverty and helplessness. We have been blessed with successful careers in South Florida and as soon as we could, we started the Foundation in 2001 to start giving back to the unfortunate members of our society. Along the way, our efforts have extended globally. We have found that humanity is the common thread that binds us all. We look forward to continuing these efforts and after us, our three children Shalina, Ali & Mohamed will continue our legacy.

Dr. & Mrs. Jaffer

Shalina Jaffer Collins

Shalina Jaffer Collins grew up in tropical South Florida and attended the University of Miami School of Architecture, where she graduated with a Bachelors of Architecture in 2009. Since then, she has worked on a diverse range of design-build commercial and residential projects, developing her skills as a multidisciplinary architect. In 2017, Shalina started Mihenna LLC, a company that focuses on cultural sharing and sells DIY Henna Tattoo Kits that make the application of henna fun and easy for all. Besides her work endeavors, Shalina is passionate about participating in a variety of charitable causes that benefit humanity and work towards a greater good; volunteerism is a trait that runs deep in the Jaffer family.

Ali Mohsin Jaffer

Ali Mohsin Jaffer was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He is a businessman, investor and humanitarian. He obtained his bachelors in Finance from the University of Miami and Masters in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University. He began his career in medical marketing and has helped to grow and sell premier medical and consulting groups in south Florida. He currently serves as an executive for Jaffer Group LLC, Jaffer Realty LLC & JafferBros LLC, with a focus on Asset Management. As an international businessman, Ali has grown his business endeavors to projects in developing nations in Africa, Asia and South America. His passion for traveling has opened his eyes and thru various charitable projects, Ali aims to make a positive impact on society and aid those in need.

Mohamed Mohsin Jaffer

Mohamed Jaffer is a young entrepreneur who was born and lives in South Florida. As the son of immigrant parents from Kenya, Mohamed has always appreciated the values of hark work and perseverance. He graduated from the University of Miami with double majors in Health Sector & Business Management and obtained a Masters in Business Administration from NSU. Upon completing undergrad, Mohamed began his career in the health care industry. His successes have led him to his current position as Executive Director of both Senior Medical Associates and its partnered consulting company Stallion Medical Management. Mohamed’s blessings in life have cultivated a passion for philanthropy and he avidly seeks to assist those less fortunate.