Birthday Blessings

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About Birthday Blessings

After losing both of my parents in under four months and around the holidays, I immediately realized that holidays (especially birthdays) would never be the same. As a child, I took for granted all my mother did to make every holiday special, and I never considered that many (if not most) children had never experienced anything like one of my mother’s birthday parties.  

As I grew older and more aware, I started to realize that was because it’s actually a luxury to be able to gather, eat, spend time & exchange presents with family. It breaks my heart to know that so many children never experience such a thing bc it brings families closer and results in the best memories. My mother set a great example of how to throw the perfect family event with her meticulous planning and budgeting and I consider myself blessed to pass on what I’ve learned from her to children who have never experienced what it’s like to have a day in which their friends and family gather around them to honor and celebrate their very existence, while eating, laughing, playing games, and opening presents! 

So I reached out to some of the most impoverished elementary schools in miami and am working with administrators throughout to surprise children who though impoverished, are still positive, hard-working, exemplary students, with the the birthday party of their dreams. I want these children to know that their resilience and positive attitude despite their circumstances does not go unnoticed. Hopefully it will be positive reinforcement for them as well as the other children in attendance to continue to put their best foot forward no matter what the circumstance because “you never know who’s watching” and willing to help!

Utilizing my professional connections, I’ve partnered with a team of all African- American professional athletes who have volunteered their ownfinances to pay for all gifts and expenses associated with each party.

In addition I have received an outpour of support from within the community receiving donations from individuals or corporations of time, services, goods, and food! Any and all volunteers/donations are always welcome and appreciated! I hope to see you at the next event! Thank you, and God Bless! 

Founder of Birthday Blessings