BMM Water Project

Our Goal | Challenge:

Kenya is a beautiful mix of cities and countryside, mountains and desert, remarkable potential amidst desperate poverty. It is home to a people of inspiring hospitality, kindness and joy. But for so many in Kenya, clean and safe water is impossible to find. Mothers search for it in vain and children gather dirty water when nothing else is available. As they do, hope is lost when inevitable sickness and poverty follow.

I would like to take this opportunity to update you on the implementation of the Water project in our Centres in the Rural areas.

A Geological & Hydrogeological Consultancy firm was commissioned to undertake ground water assessment in the centres. It emerged that 2 centres ( Burani, and Miamba villages ) had promising ground water potentials. Thus well can be dug. The other Centres are either poor in groundwater availability ( Chengoni, Moyeni ) or deep seated ( Mwasafu, Nzavoni ) such that logistics for digging wells is very difficult.

Based on this report a borehole was drilled in Miamba and Burani villages by an Anonymous Donor in memory of his parents. As the sinking of Borehole in Bahakanda was not favourable water storage tanks and pipeline connections, sponsored by other Donors were laid down in this Centre. These water projects were commissioned in November 2007.

On receipt of your generous donation of $50,000 US dollars, based on report presented by the Geological & Hydrogeological Consultants, the villages of Chengoni, Mwasafu and Nzavoni have been identified for laying pipes for connection to the Main National Water supply pipes. This is so as the Centres are poor in groundwater availability. Hence wells can not be dug.

In Moyeni village ( Coast Province ) water pipeline for water from the Main National Water supply is present. Water tanks will be provided for storage of water and harvesting of rain water. The cost will be informed to you.

For Chengoni centre ( Coast Province ) we are awaiting the completion of New National Water pipeline being undertaken by the Government. Thereafter the laying of pipes from the Main National water pipeline to the Centre at Chengoni for tap water supply will I.A. be undertaken. The costs will be informed to you.

At Nzavoni ( Eastern Province ) and Mwasafu ( Coast Province ) the survey for connection of water pipes from the Main National Water pipeline is being carried out. Final authorization, quotations and contracting of work is to follow. The costs will be informed to you.

As per the above reports where there is no possibility of digging wells we would like to have your approval for connecting water from the Main National Water supply pipes and fixing of tanks for storage and harvesting water.