BMM Youth Camp

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Mohsin and Fauzia Jaffer Foundation

Dear Dr Saheb/ Sister Fauzia,

I pray that you are in the best of health and spirits. Ameen
RE: Youth Camp for BMM Kenya Students

The Mission will be conducting a Youth Camp from 25th November 2014 to 10th December 2014 (Inshallah). We are expecting a total of 200 Students from all Bilal Centers. The aim of this Youth Camp is to make these students understand their religion, to build strong Muslims, make them good Samaritans, encourage the youths to be free from drugs/ alcohol, enhance education amongst the youths of the community and to minimize criminal cases in the community. It is our belief that through such programs the youths will benefit and they will carry the Message of Islam according to the teachings of the Ahul Bayt (a.s) to their community.

As M&F Foundation supports BMM Kenya’s activities we would like to place the banner of your organization at the camp. Please do send us your logo so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

“Together WE can make a difference”

Thank you
Salaams and duas,
Abbas H M Nasser
Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya