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Bomu State Of Art Hospital Facility Gets Underway In Nyali:

It was a proud day in the journey that Bomu has walked, over several decades. On 17th August 2013, Bomu Hospital invited guests for the laying of the foundation stone of a new hospital facility in Nyali. “Health, Hope and Humanity” – their abiding mission is the essence of what Bomu represents and what they are now humbled to have the opportunity to bring to the North Coast of Mombasa through the construction of a new, State of the Art hospital facility. Accessing Quality Health Care has always been a challenge but now, more than ever, the absence of a full-service hospital in the North Coast represented a significant limitation on the fulfillment of most basic human need and, since the enactment of the new Constitution, a constitutional right – the right to Quality Health Care for All. Health, Hope and Humanity transcends class, ethnic and racial boundaries. Bomu’s mission is to bring Quality Health Care for All. Bomu’s model has been to deploy income-generating facilities together with those that they subsidize and those that their donors subsidize (such as our HIV-AIDS program). A little bit like Robin Hood, Bomu charge the relatively affluent and use the surpluses they generate from this to subsidize the indigent.

Chief Guests Dr. Mohsin and Mrs. Fauzia Jaffer have been unstinting supporters of Bomu’s work for a number of years and have contributed generously to their various programs. Through the Mohsin and Fauzia Jaffer Foundation, they have supported health causes across the developing world. The new hospital represents a continuation of a journey that started 35 years ago. A number of Mombasa residents already support Bomu’s work.

“I thank you for this with all humility but this will not prevent you to ask you for more of your help and the help of others too.” says Bomu Hospital’s Mrs. Executive Director Hayati S. Anjarwalla. Bomu’s work transform’s lives.The current hospital in Changamwe serves 1000 patients daily. Overall, they have improved the standard of living of 15,000 families.