Children Helping Children

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Harvest Drive Mission Statement

The mission of the Harvest Drive, Inc. is to promote the concept of philanthropy to Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) students. Students, working in conjunction with community partners, provide food and other necessities including gently worn clothing and gently used household items to Broward County schools’ families in need during the Thanksgiving holiday and throughout the year. The Harvest Drive strives to educate students on the issue of hunger and empower them to take leadership roles in lessening hunger’s devastating impact.

History of the Organization

The Harvest Drive was founded in August of 1992 at Country Isles Elementary School in Broward County. Now, in its 28th year of service, the Harvest Drive’s reach and impact have grown exponentially. What began as a humble effort to teach students the importance of giving back to their community has become a much stronger force for good. Each November more than 190 Broward County public schools, as well as many private schools, civic organizations, and business partners join together to provide a week’s worth of groceries and a gift card or perishables to complete a Thanksgiving meal to more than 2500 families. 450 of these families also have the opportunity to shop for free during our November Harvest Drive Boutiques. These recipient families are able to select gently worn clothing and shoes, gently used books and household items for their entire family. With generous donations, we are now able to also provide a selection of new toys.

Our partnership with the Broward County School Board enables the Harvest Drive to impact tens of thousands of lives each year. Both participants and recipients benefit from being a part of the Harvest Drive. Our Backpack Program, Thanksgiving Drive, Food Box Packings and Boutique are all opportunities for students and community members to develop leadership skills and give back where they live and work. Our recipient families who are identified through their students, receive much-needed food and household items. The truth is that hunger is scary, uncomfortable and limiting. Together we can help to reduce the devastating effects of hunger and in doing so make our community a kinder place to live.

The Harvest Drive is a 501(c)(3) volunteer-driven corporation. We are a grassroots, community-based organization, who absolutely could not achieve our mission without your commitment to our goals. We strive to provide much-needed food to our community while teaching our students the necessity of giving back. We encourage student interaction with community leaders like yourselves so that they will see themselves as future leaders. With your support and guidance and through direct participation in the project, students learn that their contributions can make a difference in the lives of others. “Children Helping Children” is our motto as well as the heart of the Harvest Drive. This is a true community project and we are proud to work with you as part of our Broward County community.