COSMOS | Coalition of SoFlo Muslims

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Our Goal | Challenge:

Our Mission

To foster a better understanding of Islam, American Muslims, and Muslim cultures through engagement, education, outreach, and community service to build bridges within the South Florida community.

Our Story

A group of Muslim Community leaders of South Florida gathered to address the growing challenge of Muslim outreach and media relations. The group determined it was important to establish the Muslim presence in the local community instead of always reacting to events occurring in other parts of the world. In order to achieve this objective, the community leaders agreed to create a coalition of South Florida Muslim organizations and engage the media and other community institutions on a regular basis.

COSMOS was founded in 2011 based on these premises. COSMOS intends to keep media engaged, respond to especial needs and to keep media informed of Islam/Muslim related events and activities in the future.

COSMOS leadership has been engaging the media, NGOs and other community organizations in a series of meetings since inception. COSMOS has been having strategic level discussions with the leadership of Miami Herald, WFOR CBS Channel 4, WPLG ABC Channel 10, NBC 6, Miami Dade County Community Relations Board, Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Miami Coalition of Christians and Jews (MCCJ) and many others.

Meetings with the management of the local TV stations resulted in their acknowledgement of the presence of the South Florida Muslim community. Since then, Muslim community have been portrayed in more positive news and given a lot more opportunities to voice their opinions on both the print and digital media.

Building a stronger community, together!