ELIMU Foundation

Our Goal | Challenge:

Mission Statement:

To serve the key objective of improving and renewing facilities at neglected schools in the committed belief that bringing Dignity to the Classroom contributes to an improved education that is a foundation for a better future
The Elimu Foundation began with a shared ambition of a group of friends, initiated by Sugu Anjarwalla and Els De Zeeuw, to improve a school they had visited at Ziwa la Ngombe, Mombasa, in 1998.

We have now grown into a registered charity in Kenya and the UK. The more projects we complete, and the pleasure we see in the resultant transformation in the children and the teachers encourages us to continue improving the many schools that are in desperate need.

We have seen that clean, airy and well-lit classrooms with basic facilities and furniture, proper toilets, secure walled compounds with play and recreation areas, plants and trees can bring dignity and a sense of purpose that does improve the results of the schools.

Elimu Foundation is committed to being a reliable partner in bringing to you responsible and accountable management of any project. How much we can help is dependent on the monies we receive. We welcome both financial and material contributions and as a general rule we use all our donations towards our projects: the Trustees and Board Members give their time voluntarily and we take care to keep administrative costs to a minimum.