Goat Program

Our Goal | Challenge:

Bilal Mission of Kenya is a charitable and nonprofit organization involved nationally in the propagation of wellness and aid and offers services in the field of education, medical treatment, and social services. In the small yet vibrant town of Kwale, Kenya, the Mohsin & Fauzia Jaffer Foundation sought to provide help and assistance to the people. This initiative focused specifically on providing Goats. Families would receive a male and female goat along with training on how to raise, protect and breed the animals for a lifetime of nourishment through milk, meat and income generation through the sale of bred animals. This simple aid has the ability to uplift a family or a town’s life.

Kwale is a small town in and the capital of Kwale County, Kenya. It is located at around 4°10′28″S 39°27′37″E; 30 km southwest of Mombasa and 15 km inland. The town has an urban population of 4,200. It is next to the Shimba Hills National Reserve. The colorful town of Mombasa can be seen from Golini due to its high altitude. Past Kwale is The Shimba Hills Hotel and Mwalughanje Elephant Sanctuary running along the KWS strip. Kwale is the main town of the Digo and Duruma people. These people belong to the Mijikenda ethnic group of the former Coast Province of Kenya. Other tribes found in the county include the Kambas, Arabs, and Indians though to a very small proportion compared to the Digos and Durumas. The area extends from Shika Adabu in the south to Kinango and then southwards to Lunga-Lunga on the border with Tanzania.