Kwetu Training Africa

Our Goal | Challenge:

Objectives of training:

  • Train members on modern agricultural techniques and organic farming.
  • Soil and water conservation techniques
  • Permaculture and urban farming
  • Pest and disease management
  • Storage and value of agricultural products
  • Develop marketing skills
  • Determine population, health and environmental issues affecting agriculture

Business is an act of buying and selling goods with an aim of making a profit.
The main components of carrying out a business are:

  • The market
  • Quality of products
  • Capital to start up the business
  • Advertisement
  • Planning
  • Identify your competitors

Factors to consider when setting the price of the product are as follows:

  • Cost of materials
  • Cost of labour
  • Competitor comparative price
  • Customer demand for the product
  • Marketing methods used

Members were briefed on the importance of good packaging of products as stated below:

  • An eye-catching appearance would entice a customer to purchase the product
  • Develop efficient communication between the buyer and seller.
  • Appropriateness of the product packing is considered to be an important indicator of quality.
  • Once the quality of the packing is improved, the sales of the products are likely to increase thereby regulating a higher amount of profit earned.


  • Members were able to identify and learn different aspects of agriculture.
  • Members were pleased to have been given a chance to undergo this training
  • The use of natural resources while carrying out this activity would enable the members save a lot of money.
  • Members agreed upon practicing the various techniques taught, weekly in groups.
  • Members also ought to carry out these activities individually so as to increase vegetation in the area.
  • Members require 3 months to change the area with a lot of vegetation.
  • Members tend to purchase a green house for this project as it has various advantages.

In conclusion, the participants thanked BMMK for their efforts to make the Women independent