Likoni Blind School

Our Goal | Challenge:

Likoni is a small city in the country of Kenya. Through efforts from the Salvation Army International and the Agha Khan Foundation this school has been able to provide education for those who do not have the same opportunities as others. The Mohsin and Fauzia Jaffer Foundation have contributed to these fine efforts.

In early November the Junior School began to set up links with Likoni School for the Blind. Children from all the classes visited the school to give the students of Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa the chance to see how children less fortunate than themselves lead their daily lives. The children distributed bed sheets from money raised by the school. Children from both schools had a wonderful morning laughing and playing together. We were amazed at what great risk takers the blind students were – At one point a group of partially-sighted boys started playing football with us and they were surprisingly good!