NUR Center for Women

Our Goal | Challenge:


Nur Center provides culturally sensitive services to its clients. We aim to enable clients to achieve economic independence and empowerment. We work to restore their dignity, confidence and self respect as functional individuals and nurture them to become a resource and inspiration for others in distress.


Nur Center was established in 2010 to provide dignified housing to the abused and distressed women and children in the community.


Nur Center provides culturally sensitive services to its clients.
(Job Search, Resume Writing, Food Stamps, Medicaid, Social Security, Childcare, Child Custody, Child Support, Restraining order)
Community Education and Outreach

  • Counseling
  • Computer Literacy
  • Employment Services
  • Entitlement Benefits
  • Financial Assistance
  • Referral Services
  • Medical Service
  • Relocation Fund
  • Safety Planning

“Turn weakness into strength; strength into opportunity; and opportunity into empowerment.”

The NUR Center is located in Miami-Dade County, and since opening in 2010 roughly 50 women and children have stayed at the three bedroom facility. Last month, the NUR Center held its annual fundraiser, to aid the shelter’s mission of helping women gain independence and stability after domestic violence. The event was a success and nearly $40,000 — half the shelter’s budget — was raised; however, donations are still welcome and needed. The NUR Center doesn’t receive grants or government aid, thus donations are critical to its ability to continue and grow services. Items such as clothing for women and children, baby supplies, toiletries, and nonperishable food items are essential. Since the NUR Center is a culturally sensitive facility, details of women’s ethnicity and background are taken into consideration. Food and clothing often fit within the women’s specific cultural and religious guidelines, and volunteers speak languages such as Urdu, Arabic and Hindi to ease communication barriers.

Volunteers help the women with tasks such as gaining access to legal aid and medical assistance. Among other services, they also help clients find jobs, sign up for government assistance and obtain affordable childcare. “We’re a small place, but we try to address everything,” said Tehsin Siddiqui, a board member with the NUR Center. Building confidence and encouraging self-sufficiency are among the goals of the NUR Center.

Tanveer works to help women at the shelter make their own choices, so they can move toward independence. “Most of our victims don’t have bank accounts and no access to any money,” Tanveer said. “I go with them to the bank, show them how to manage their bills. This is very big thing for empowering these women.” The number of families and individuals at the shelter at any given moment varies. Some women stay for only a few days; others for a few months. In special circumstances, women can stay at the NUR Center beyond three months. “The goal is not to have them stay in this location, but to get them on their feet,” Siddiqui said. One woman currently at the shelter is in her early 30s and says that the NUR center has made a positive impact in her life. “I couldn’t do this by myself, I don’t have my family here.” said the woman, who didn’t want her name used for safety concerns.

Since she arrived at the NUR Center, the woman has enrolled in classes at a local college and got a job as a restaurant cook. “I see my life in a positive way,” she said, adding that her daughter, who is a toddler, is her motivation to move forward. “I want my daughter to live the best life. I want to afford her the best house, best school.” Siddiqui says it makes her happy to hear stories of women turning their lives around, and that she’s proud to be involved with an organization that can provide a woman “the ability to start her life over.”
-Miami Herald 2015

Nur Ul Islam Academy

Our Mission and Philosophy

The mission and philosophy of Nur-Ul-Islam Academy is to provide its students with an environment where they are taught the principles and practices of Islam prepared for success in college and beyond, and have instilled within them the qualities and characteristics of good citizenship.
The Academy’s Mission: To teach the students the principles and practices of Islam, and to prepare them for academic success and good citizenship. NUIA prepares students for college and life by providing an excellent education with an emphasis on the tenets of Islam.

NUIA is a private college preparatory school with a reputation for excellence in education. NUIA focuses on a complete education that emphasizes excellence in academics and Islamic morals and values. Students can pursue their interests and learn to balance a rich variety of activities along with traditional Islamic values. Our academic programs prepare students for future success, and our graduating seniors go on to some of the finest colleges in the nation.

NUIA was founded in 1996 and enrolls more than 400 students. We have a caring, professional staff comprising of 60+. NUIA is the premier Islamic school in South Florida, boasting full accreditation and a complete program from pre-kindergarten through grade 12.

Nur-Ul-Islam Academy is an Islamic school that encompasses Pre-K through Grade 12. It is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and Florida Council of Independent Schools. Our school seeks to provide a safe, structured environment with an emphasis on the values embodying faith, family, and education.