Sunshine Charity Clinic

Our Goal | Challenge:

Free Health Clinic in Broward County 

There is a great need for health care help among low-income individuals in Broward County, as there are many immigrants and other individuals without insurance who do not qualify for Medicaid or Broward County health clinics. Even people who have some form of insurance cannot afford co-pays and medications. Therefore, foundation volunteers are working hard to establish free health clinic in Broward County in Rahul’s honor, where he studied and spent most of his life learning to better the lives of those around him. The clinic will provide free medical services to residents of Broward and its surrounding counties. In particular, it will serve those who do not carry health insurance and will be run primarily by volunteers. Physicians of all specialties, dietitians, physical therapists, and nurses have also already shown interest in volunteering for this cause, and due to the large number of highly qualified health professionals involved, this clinic will be able to multiply the effectiveness of each donation, thereby using every dollar to create a visible impact in the community. Specifically, the clinic will provide free services to those who cannot afford medical treatment.

Light One’s Path Foundation is running Sunshine Charity Clinic in Rahul Maewshari’s Memory. 
Mohsin & Fauzia Jaffer Foundation has generously donated the clinic facility at no cost.

Some of the specific services that will be provided by the clinic include:

  1. Patient visits with physicians of all specialties
  2. Wellness Education Seminars and Trainings

By helping residents of Broward County receive medical treatment, our foundation hopes to light the path of others and allow them to continue to pursue their own personal goals. In addition, by providing medical education seminars and training, we hope that we can inspire others to continue to educate and assist their fellow residents. Taking one step at a time, we hope to light the path of many in Broward and its surrounding counties.

Our goal is to facilitate the provision of compassionate, professional medical care to those who cannot afford it.