Our Goal | Challenge:

Humble Beginnings

The kitchen table. It’s a place of gathering for families. It’s more than a place to share food. It’s a place where children tell their parents about what happened at school that day. It’s a place where love and laughter is exchanged during holiday gatherings and family celebrations. And, after a tragedy, the table also serves as an all too painful reminder of those no longer seated around it. That’s why in 1980, it was a small, unassuming kitchen table where one mom started a movement that would significantly change the course of history in the United States. That year, more people died on our roadways thanks to drunk drivers than the number of people who died in war. Today, those fatalities have been cut in half, despite a number of roadblocks and setbacks along the way. View our interactive timeline to see where we have come from. The table has grown, but we remain just as grassroots as we were in the beginning. Powered by hundreds of thousands of passionate advocates and supporters, MADD remains focused on one number – zero.

Zero deaths. Zero injuries. Zero families impacted by impaired driving.

Until there are No More Victims®, MADD will continue to speak up and fight for stronger laws. Because the truth is, the solution couldn’t be simpler. It all boils down to a single choice. A commitment to never drive impaired.

And yet there is so much more work to be done. Every day, you share the road with more than 300,000 people who admit to driving drunk.