Sun Risas

Our Goal | Challenge:

My name is Nicole Galli, Co-Founder of Sun.Risas, a non-profit organization based in Miami. We are dedicated to providing tools of growth for communities in need. We envision a world filled with well-prepared, healthy and happy children. We have projects all around the world, Venezuela, Bahamas, Africa and more.

Sun.Risas will be traveling this July 14th to Mtito Andei, Kenya and we would love to make you part of this mission.

Our mission tasks include:

  • Building the town’s first Pre-School
  • Improving their Elementary and High School
  • Providing access to clean water on their school facilities.
  • Improving an Orphanage called Sikizana Center, that shelters 37 abused, abandoned and rescue kids.

Our Mission:

To create opportunities for children through education, promoting personal growth and development to contribute in the progress of their communities.