Wheelchair Program

Our Goal | Challenge:

Welcome to the Wheelchair Foundation. With the help of Rotary Clubs from around the globe, the Wheelchair Foundation has been able to deliver more than 895,000 wheelchairs worldwide. As a club or district initiative, you can participate in a wheelchair distribution as a hands-on Rotary project. ​

In order to maximize the potential of contributions made by Rotarians worldwide, The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International (TRF) allows for eight Matching Grant opportunities with any outside organization acting as a cooperating organization. Wheelchair Foundation is pleased to be able to help Rotarian donors maximize the potential of contributions by coordinating this participation.

Fortunately for Wheelchair Foundation, we have the assistance of Rotarian volunteer PDG Jon B. Grant and his wife, Linda, in the administration of these very beneficial and generous grants. For the last twelve years, Jon and Linda have helped collect funds from individual Rotarians and clubs alike and coordinated the application process to maximize the value of each and every donation.

TRF Matching Grants allow Rotary clubs and Rotarians to combine funds and participate in large scale projects with substantial local and international impact and receive Paul Harris credit. MATCHING GRANTS allow small clubs to do BIG THINGS

“Together, we’ve changed hundreds of thousands of lives with the gift of mobility.”