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Today, 1 in 9 people lack access to safe water and 1 in 3 people lack access to a toilet. This results is a child dying every 2 minutes from contracting waterborne diseases. For over ten years, the Ali Asghar Water Appeal has strived to provide better access to water for many water-scarce communities. This year, we aim to further build long-term sustainable water solutions across communities in Yemen, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kenya. Help us give vulnerable communities access to water and work towards an end to a crisis that causes disease, hinders economies, restricts development and disproportionately affects women and children.

Before your donations allowed us to build a Solar Powered Well, the women and young girls would have to travel to the lake to bring unclean water back. These journeys would often result in women and girls being abused. Since its implementation, the Solar Powered Well has brought great relief to the families. The women and girls no longer have to take risks on the long journey to get water and the easy access means the farmers can spend more time on their crops. Some of them have started using the Solar Powered Well to grow tomatoes and have plans to grow more fruits and vegetables to sell at the market. This shows the long-term and sustainable impact the well has had on villages.

Last year, your donations to our Ali Asghar Water Appeal meant we could build 8 Solar Powered Water Wells in Tanzania. We have been working with our partners in Tanzania to build these wells to give the communities easy access to clean and safe water.

How do Solar Powered Wells work?

Solar power technology uses the sun to generate electricity, which helps to pump water up from deep under the ground. This gives access to long-lasting water sources which may have been previously hard to get to. When the well draws up water, through motorized pumps powered by solar energy, it will be stored in a large tank, enabling quick and effortless access to water, whenever needed.

With a simple irrigation set-up, the solar-powered wells can be used to help grow crops and feed animals, making this project life-transforming for an entire village.


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