Thank you for helping over half a million people living in need this Shahr Ramadan! 66,168 Total Beneficiaries across India, Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Kenya and Zanzibar

Each year, your generous donations provide vital support to people during the Holy month of Ramadan and this year was no different. WF-AID, through our partners on the ground, were helping to ensure that people all around the
world feel the blessings of the Holy month.

Our month-long lasting Food Packs helped vulnerable families in poverty stricken and war-torn countries as well
as refugees fleeing conflict. This year, we were able to distribute 47,628 Food Packs across 21 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

As part of our aim to empower impoverished communities, we have worked with our partners to implement long term solutions, allowing communities to work towards earning a living. We have funded cooking and baking courses for 12 displaced Syrian widows and orphans, and provided them with the tools and equipment they need to make goods to sell at the local supermarket. Alhamdulillah, this has been a success so far and the women are enjoying their courses and are already selling the products they make!

This has all only been possible through the generous support from our donors, the hard work of our partners on the
ground and tireless volunteers, who have worked through difficult conditions to help facilitate the Ramadan distribution. May Allah (swt) accept your good deeds and reward you all for your efforts.

On behalf of every single one of the 654,532 beneficiaries, I thank you. I hope you enjoy reading this report, which shows some of the impact you have had.

Madiha Raza,
Head of WF-AID